Almost all male hair styles in our modern world are exposed to many environmental aggressors, therefore the TREATMENT phase is fundamental. It becomes important for the hair shaft, to supplement and protect the hair fibre, but is essential for the scalp, because the health of the scalp is the foundation to having beauty, thick and healthy hair.

NO. 201

Toning and moisturizing scalp and hair conditioner. It has a moisturizing, toning and refreshing action on hair and scalp. Gives hair softness and firmness preventing the hair to become static and frizzy.


Rice oil, softening and nourishing
Eucalyptol, toning, refreshing and perfuming
Pro-Vitamin B5, regenerating, soothing and conditioning of skin and hair
Botanical Complex, blend of 13 plant extracts with multiple beneficial effects on skin and hair
Rosemary essential oil, perfuming, skin conditioning
Lemon essential oil, antioxidant, conditioning and perfuming

Direction of use:

apply to towel-dried hair. Massage into scalp and hair. Leave a few moments and then rinse thoroughly.

50 ml . 250 ml . 1000 ml